My Top 6 Must Haves for a Healthy Lifestyle

It might seem like a Healthy Lifestyle isn’t easy to achieve AND is hard to maintain.

However, if you try to adapt JUST ONE new beneficial habit at a time (per month) or quit one habit that no longer sustains you, you can completely TRANSFORM YOUR HEALTH ONE HABIT AT A TIME.

There are certain must haves and dos that can dramatically help you in attaining the healthy lifestyle you seek.

Stay Hydrated

The very first habit to develop is to drink a good amount of water to keep your body hydrated.

Around 60% of your body weight is comprised of water. Water is the most vital nutrient that is used in every function of your body. It keeps your skin youthful and healthy.

How much water you specifically need to get the benefits of proper hydration depends on multiple factors of your daily living: environment, season, stage of life, body weight, physical activity levels, diet, health concerns, etc. Check out what the Mayo Clinic recommends.

Spend Time Outside

Do your best to spend some time outdoors daily…it has a profound effect on your health.

We got used to getting everything done at our fingertips without leaving the house or office. Spending a great amount of time on cell phones, shopping online including the fresh produce, exercising on machines placed indoor and do online shopping as well.

Make sure to get out of the office or house for at least an hour a day to expose your body to outside atmosphere…let your body do the basic things: get some sunlight and take fresh air.

Maximize the benefits by walking briskly or jogging or simply walking leisurely and listening to the music or even having a phone conversation but, please, GET OUT & MOVE if that’s not something you do every day for a sufficient amount of time!

Cut Down On Sugar

Rates of chronic diseases worldwide is increasing day by day due to heavy consumption of sugar…it’s playing a major role in America’s failing health as well.

Apart from increasing your weight, sugar affects the insulin levels and increases the risk of heart disease, cancer, acne, and multiple digestive issues as well.

Opt for natural sources of sugar like fresh fruits and raw unprocessed honey in moderate amounts!


Meditation is a great activity for your mind and body…it’s a wonderful stress management strategy.

One of the leading issues that affects Modern America is stress. It entirely disrupts all your bodily systems and negatively affects your health in general.

In many cases, it is impossible to eliminate stress. However, a few simple meditation techniques will help you handle stressful situations better. Meditation can also improve allergies, anxiety, fatigue, heart disease, pain, sleep disorders, and depression.

Eat Clean

It’s essential to feed your body with a diet full of a variety of micronutrients: vitamins, minerals, and balanced macronutrients: proteins, good fats, and healthy “slow” carbohydrates.

Proper nutrition facilitates all bodily activities and functions. Avoid junk food and convenience foods but add organic fruits, vegetables and healthy fats & proteins to your diet.

According to Bethenny Frankel, “Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.”

Sleep Tight

These days there are over 70 different sleep disorders and many people experience daytime sleepiness. Chronic lack of sleep leads to irritability, diminished focus, impaired memory, apathy, delayed emotional responses and moodiness.

It is important to take the steps to improve sleep quality by turning off all electronic devices, avoiding alcohol and caffeine in the evening, and ensuring a comfortable room temperature. Meditation or yoga before bedtime is also very helpful in promoting better sleep patterns.

If leading a healthy lifestyle seems challenging to you or you’re not sure where to start, sent me an email at…I’ll be happy to be your Healthy Lifestyle guide and guru!!!