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Hi, I’m Marina Moiseyeva. I am here to help you feel your best and live your life to the fullest! I hope this website will provide you with all the information you need to make the choice to work with me and to let me become your biggest cheerleader.

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As an ex-lover of creme-filled donuts…who is now in a long-standing relationship with dark raw organic chocolate, I know the struggle is real.

My mission is to help you attain “PERFECT HEALTH” where you are NOT JUST FREE FROM DISEASE BUT THRIVE EMOTIONALLY…

I serve men, women, and children using Functional Medicine to help understand the root cause of health concerns, find a safe and effective natural solution and create a unique tailor made wellness plan designed for your individual needs.

I learn relentlessly every day to be able to provide for my patients ONLY THE BEST medical & wellness care possible.

Have you learned yet that perfection is overrated?

This is a hard thing for Type-A personalities to get. We’re taught…if we just aim high enough…if we just work hard enough…if we just sacrifice enough…we’ll get to where we want to be…successful, happy, fulfilled. But in my experience, I’ve learned that even if we achieve what we want on the outside, we often suffer deeply on the inside. And not just emotionally, but physically…we find ourselves exhausted, dejected, our weight creeping steadily upwards and start experiencing various health concerns more frequently.

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Services We Provide...

Nutritional Therapy
Maximize your health through personalized nutrition, cutting edge dietary theories and the latest nutritional research.
Intravenous Therapy

Get back on track within hours by getting vitamins, minerals, amino & antioxidants administering directly into the bloodstream.

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Hormone Therapy
Optimize your vitality with natural forms of hormones to boost quality of life and defy aging process.
Fisetin Dietary Supplement
Nutraceuticals Therapy

Use high-quality research-based and clinically tested nutraceuticals and supplements to prevent and improve various health conditions.

Lifestyle Medicine
Take a scientific holistic approach to decrease and prevent the ill effects of our western culture focusing on sleep, stress, and movement.
Wellness background.
Wellness Coaching
Unlock your potential to bring out your very best self with my expert guidance. Sync your mind, emotions, nutrition and personal energy in an innovative approach to creating your best life!