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About me

I help the overachiever understand his or her health choices, prioritize life’s goals and create room for self-care. We strategically change small daily practices to get you back on track to becoming your happiest, healthiest and most successful self.

I believed that a good diet could make me healthier but needed guidance. It is very helpful that during the treatment I can ask questions via e-mail, text messages, or phone calls. I recommend Marina to my friends and share with them my experience with her, telling them about my achievements. I learned to lessen sugar intake and change my food habits, which was very difficult in the beginning, but really make me feel better – fewer headaches, bloating etc. Thank you for being here to help people!

Svetlana Sigalova

I feared my objective of losing weight was unattainable. It’s not unattainable. So, my fear did not come to fruition; instead, I realized that the only person to blame for not losing weight is me. It is not the ideal outcome, but is certainly progress. First step to solving a problem is knowing the problem and knowing where the origin of a problem is. Now, I am in a much better shape mentally than I was before (and a little bit physically too). I would say that Marina is a best way to get started. She will give you everything that you need to know and will stand by your side at all times. Of course, the rest is up to you.

Steven Shakhnevich

I’ve tried so many diets and so many times went up and down with my weight. Always at the back of my mind…will it work for my life…will I fall off the wagon again…will it work for the long run? With the program Marina designed, I feel like it is really working for me. I’m far from where I want to be, but I feel so much stronger, the weight is coming off, and what I really like to see that this is not just a diet, this is a lifestyle that I am learning to have. Marina works with me individually and comes up with the solutions that really work for me. She’s so knowledgeable that she makes me feel comfortable and I trust that this process will work for me in the long run too. Marina makes me feel that she is not just here for the money, but to make me succeed. She cares and that what matters most! I want to follow her guidance. I believe that with her motivation and support I can get to where I need to be.

Marina Bellotti

My biggest fear was eating food that I didn’t enjoy eating because I have to be on a diet. Instead, Marina took the time with me to develop a plan that worked for me in each and every way. I was eating food that I liked and I didn’t have as many cravings as I had before. Marina develops a personalized plan that really works, depending on my current needs and problems. Whether you want to lose weight or just feel better, Marina develops a plan that’s very easy to follow and checks in with me daily to help with any problems or challenges that come up. If something in the food plan doesn’t work along the way, Marina is very responsive and adjusts the plan right away.

Maryana Sigalova

I didn’t think I’d be able to stick to a diet/food plan regimen. I was pleasantly surprised how successful I was with the program. The follow up by Marina was the best part. Keeping me on track and giving me advise daily. I have recommended Marina to few of my friends who want results. I told them that she is unquestionably great and knowledgeable in her field. Her constant follow up is motivational and inspirational. The program works if you are willing to stick with it and make it your lifestyle.

Igor Lipkin

I no longer believed that any program would help me lose weight, but after just ONE week I started noticing results! Marina is always there for all my questions and always made my “dieting” fun and easy. She created a diet JUST for ME, with all my likes and dislikes. Easy, healthy, and IT WORKS. 20lb down since summer!

Kate Aronov

I thought that this would be a waste of time and just another diet gimmick and that any positive result would never last. This could not be further from the truth. I didn’t just change my eating habits, I changed my lifestyle. I love the fact that Marina stressed that it is not only about the food you eat, but more of a life style change that has to include exercise. I love the meal delivery service that she provides…it’s very convenient for a working professional. I would highly recommend Marina if you are serious about making a lifelong change. She will help you achieve your goals. I could not have done it without Marina’s help. Thank you!!

Michael Ruvinsky

I’ve found my program’s changes fairly easy to incorporate into my life and have definitely seen great results! My favorite part is seeing how my lifestyle has changed…for me, and my whole family. The fact is, I am not just following a food plan given to me, but I’ve learned how to make better choices on my own. And seeing weight loss is pretty great also! Marina is great! She doesn’t give you an easy way out, but she helps you change and be healthy.

Anna Pogoriler

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What I Can Do For You

Nutritional Therapy

Maximize your health through personalized nutrition, cutting edge dietary theories and the latest nutritional research.

Wellness Coaching

Unlock your potential to bring out your very best self with my expert guidance.

Supplement Therapy

Use research-based and clinically tested nutraceuticals and supplements to prevent and improve various health conditions.

Weight Management

Combine healthy eating habits and physical movement as a long-term approach to prevent significant weight fluctuations and reduce risk of disease.

Lifestyle Medicine

Take a scientific holistic approach to decrease and prevent the ill effects of our western culture.

Inner Balance Roadmap

Sync your heart, mind, emotions, nutrition and personal energy in an innovative approach to creating your best life!

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Through my own experience, I’ve learned that no single solution works for everyone.

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