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to make the positive changes that lead to
STRESS, DEPRESSION, WEIGHT GAIN, CHRONIC FATIGUE, IRRITABILITY or just being sick and tired of being SICK & TIRED—I’ll blend my background as a NURSE PRACTITIONER with my COACHING EXPERTISE to offer you PERSONALIZED, UNAPOLOGETIC, STRAIGHTFORWARD methods for success that appeal to driven & accomplished HIGH-ACHIEVERS. Or, those who dream of being the High-Achiever! High-achiever or Not…click the button as your first step to SUCCESS!
Nutritional Therapy
Maximize your health through personalized nutrition, cutting edge dietary theories and the latest nutritional research.
Intravenous Therapy

Get back on track within hours by getting vitamins, minerals, amino & antioxidants administering directly into the bloodstream.

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Hormone Therapy

Optimize your vitality with natural forms of hormones to boost quality of life and defy aging process.

Fisetin Dietary Supplement
Nutraceuticals Therapy

Use high-quality research-based and clinically tested nutraceuticals and supplements to prevent and improve various health condition.

Lifestyle Medicine
Take a scientific holistic approach to decrease and prevent the ill effects of our western culture focusing on sleep, stress, and movement.
Wellness background.
Wellness Coaching
Unlock your potential to bring out your very best self with my expert guidance. Sync your mind, emotions, nutrition and personal energy in an innovative approach to creating your best life!

My approach to your wellness and your treatment plan is based on a combination of:

We are happy to help anyone 3 years of age and older.





Break Free. Live Free.

As you enter the first step of your journey to wellness, I want you to forget:

  • The overload of advice and information, much of which conflicts, you’ve been exposed to.
  • Feeling overwhelmed by too many choices.
  • Past failures.

Working with me will show you that taking care of yourself the right way is directly related to optimum performance in all areas of your life. You’ll learn to prioritize the right things, simple, actionable steps to help you find the energy, balance, and inspiration to conquer what matters to you. I will help you find your inspiration and motivation, guide you, and cheer you on to success! 

No health plan is one size fits all. Working together, we will create a personalized program with your health challenges, wellness goals, unique needs, lifestyle, preferences, and ancestral background in mind.