The Secret Meaning of My Logo

No, it’s not a colorful bunch of bananas.
No, it isn’t a representation of the LGBTQ rainbow flag.
My logo isn’t just something I hired a graphic artist to design for me. Within that logo is the philosophy upon which I’ve built my life and my practice.

Unlocking the secrets within my logo can unlock the secrets to a vibrant, open-minded, Harmonious Life!


Chakras are petal-shaped vortexes of energy that lie across seven different points on our spinal column. Each chakra is represented by a color and represents various aspects of life and health. When our chakras are in balance, we can live a Harmonious Life. The colors in my logo are an echo of the colors of our chakras.


Spirals have always had special meaning to me as a practitioner of holistic medicine. Spirals connect the six branches of life vital to living a Harmonious Life, and in holistic medicine, everything is connected; everything affects everything.

When someone comes to me with a single, specific concern, I still give them a comprehensive, total body system assessment; head to toe, touching on every possible aspect of their health. From the skin to hormones, from vision to allergies, from immune function to cognitive function, from sleep to stress and so many more! Everything is connected.

The spiral is an ancient symbol of eternity, renewal, and energy. I have many spirals in my office, and it’s become a little game to go on a “spiral hunt” to see how many can be found.

All of the following can have a direct or secondary effect on your well being:

  • Nutrition & Health
  • Relaxation & Rest
  • Relationships & Social Life
  • Spirituality & Inspiration
  • Action & Physical Activity
  • Career & Professional Growth

All of these things are connected and the reason I inquire, touch on, and work with you on so many different aspects of your life.


For those familiar with the concept of chakras, you know there are seven, not six. But I have six spirals and six colors in my logo. Yes! I very deliberately omitted the Third Eye chakra. The Third Eye represents tapping into and trusting your intuition. I didn’t omit the Third Eye because it’s not significant but because during our relationship, I am creating a space and environment for your intuition to flourish as I guide you on your personal path to wellness.

The number six has always been special to me. I was born on April 6. Six is a harmonious number representing friendship, love, union, health, beauty, and wisdom. Six is the perfect number of the key elements that define a Harmonious Life. So six spirals in the logo!

Mystery Solved!

I hope you enjoyed learning the little secrets and codes lurking within my logo. I enjoyed sharing them as my logo doesn’t just represent my practice; it represents me, my philosophy, and my life!