Is Fasting Risky Or Healthy?

Fasting seems to be the latest health trend and you’ve probably heard of fasting before. For example, Fasting as a spiritual and religious activity. However, you might not know that besides powerful metaphysical aspect related to fasting, it has a potential of a universal cure. Fasting is not simply a physical process in which you restrain yourself from eating and drinking.

Fasting is NOT about Starvation. It is about using the tools we have as human beings to optimize our relationship with food and nutrition.

There are different forms of fasting for health purpose, and the most traditional form is to abstain from food completely and consume water only – Water Only Fast. The most popular type of fasting is Religious Fast. Other types include: Intermittent Fasting, Alternate Day Fasting, Time-Restricted Feeding, Prolonged Fast, Juice Fast & Fasting Mimicking Diet.

In my practice, I have seen multiple times when FASTING was truly a Quick Fix & Magic Bullet.


I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO YOUR FASTING ONLY UNDER MEDICAL OR/AND PROFESSIONAL SUPERVISION. THERE ARE A VARIETY OF FASTING OPTIONS THAT MIGHT BE HARMFUL OR HEALING FOR YOUR BODY. People taking medications and having multiple health conditions – must consult a health care practitioner. LET ME HELP YOU decide if fasting is right for you.

Magical Benefits Of Fasting (if done right)…

  • Fasting is calorie restriction and we usually spend so much energy thinking about sources to get food, planning to get food, food preparation, and then eating and digesting it. This whole process consumes a ton of energy. Fasting helps us saving a lot of time and preserve energy.
  • Fasting also let the digestive system rest. Most of the body’s energy gets consumed in breaking down, digesting and then assimilating the food. If you fast, then this energy can be used by higher functioning of the body like cleansing, rationalizing and getting creative. After fast people claim greater mental clarity and get spiritual gains.
  • When people refrain from eating, the body diverts its energy towards detoxification, repairing and healing process. People perceive that while fasting they become energy deficient and nutritionally deprived. Fasting turns on the detoxification system of the body and starts eliminating waste and poison accumulated in your cells and tissues.
  • During fast body consumes all of the stored glycogen and after that it starts burning off fat for energy. Here things get magical and people will start losing weight. Toxins are stored in fat cells and body actually releases stored toxins from the storage. After that body escorts them out of it.
  • Aids in release of toxic waste in the body. Also pathogenic yeast, Candida, and bacteria like parasites live off sugar and if you eliminate its food source they will eventually die and leave the body.
  • Burns up stored sugar in the body and leads to weight loss. As weight gain is due to the toxic overload in fatty tissues.
  • It is a radical cure for blood sugar imbalance in the body. During fasting body absorbs glycogen stored in the liver it becomes more sensitive to insulin in the blood.
  • Helps the body burning fat for energy and as a result, produces ketones and a protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). These activate new brain stem cells and cognitive function is improved.
  • Improves immune function, renders anti-aging benefits, and decrease inflammation levels.
  • Renders multiple beauty benefits like clear skin and yields greater spiritual energy.

After my own independent research & personal experience I concluded that fasting is not only safe for many of us, but it can also play a crucial role in promoting overall health and longevity.

That is why I incorporated it into my practice.

Maximizing benefits with a “prolonged fast”

One of the most beneficial forms of fasting is what’s known as a “prolonged fast.” This is 2 or more days of little or no caloric intake. But compliance for a prolonged water-only fast can be difficult…even daunting.

Thankfully, over a year ago, I discovered a new program to help…ProLon.

ProLon is a 5-day low calorie, plant-based meal program that provides the same benefits of a water-only “fast”…BUT WITH FOOD. It’s the first “fast-mimicking diet” ever created, and it really works!

ProLon is safe…convenient…simple…and delicious. Seriously, I couldn’t believe that my body could be “tricked” into fasting mode while eating tasty food like fresh olives, kale and seed crackers, hearty soups, and sweet nut bars, but was! I, and a number of my clients who already tried it, were convinced…and think you will be too.

Let’s Do This Together!

I am starting my 5-Day Fasting Mimicking Diet on March 4th. This is a great opportunity to jump-start your spring wellness plan and give your body a much-needed tune-up for summer’s swimsuits! And…I’m inviting you to join me so that we can fast together!

If you’re interested in participating, please visit our online store to order your ProLon kit no later than February 28th. You’ll need to register, go to “SHOP BUNDLES” & click on “PROLON” to place your order (this way you’ll receive the kit on time to start the Fasting Mimicking diet along with me!).

We’ll support each other…and I’ll send out daily texts and/or emails.

And, if you have an questions or concerns…please get in touch at 646-436-5311.