Mind Body Connection

Have a headache? Think about it…did you skip lunch to meet a deadline, hit rush hour traffic or quarrel with your spouse? Could these be contributing to your pain?

Awareness of the mind-body connection is certainly not a new idea.

Mind-body practices are techniques designed to enhance the mind’s positive impact on the body. These include behavioral, psychological, social, expressive, & spiritual approaches. They help you stay healthy, reduce the severity or frequency of painful symptoms, or recover more rapidly from illness.

Beginning any new health regimen, including a mind-body therapy program, requires you to change your habits, your schedule, and your mind.

Healing From Within…

We take it one step at a time by focusing on one or two essential actions to help improve the entire health of your body.

And, as homeostasis (a state of equilibrium obtained when tension has been reduced or eliminated) returns, your body will naturally heal itself, from the inside out.

How This Would Work For You

Emotional Assessment & Management

Screening developed to determine the state of your heart, mind and emotions…at home, at work and in your relationships and finances.

HeartMath Emotional Self-Regulation Program

Guides you to more inner calm, clarity in decision-making, and balanced composure.

Inner Balance Roadmap

Sync your heart, mind, emotions, nutrition and personal energy in an innovative approach to creating your best life!

Could One Conversation Change Your Life?

When was the last time you received the personal attention you deserve when talking to a wellness professional about your health?

Through my own experience, I’ve learned that no single solution works for everyone.

I can help you make simple…gradual…but lifelong changes that enable you to reach current and future health goals.

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